Kedlin Screening International (KSI) delivers a scientifically based search solution to give you the edge to achieve better, faster, and more accurate threat detection screening in any industry that requires a high level of screening competency.

Our solution was developed using billions of trials and the world’s most extensive research dataset on human performance relating to aviation search and from hands-on experiences with professional aviation security screeners.

Using this rich data, KSI created our flagship tool called XRAY Screener to accurately predict aviation security search performance based on accuracy and response trials.

KSI’s XRAY Screener is a cost-effective, tablet-based technology that identifies an individual’s visual detection capabilities. KSI compares individual performance to performance of more than 12 million people to understand each person’s strengths and weaknesses. This individualized approach opens the door for directed and specific training interventions.

KSI’s XRAY Screener delivers you the edge to:

  • Assess new recruits’ visual search capabilities pre-hire
  • Select top capability performers
  • Reduce costs associated with hiring the wrong people
  • Increase efficiency by identifying top performers in your current workforce
  • Deliver targeted training to lower end performers



Kedlin Screening International (KSI) delivers a scientifically based solution to train and improve your team’s visual search skill capabilities.

Developed using billions of trials and the world’s most extensive data on human performance relating to aviation search, KSI delivers the tool to provide ongoing training for your workforce to ensure top performance.

KSI created XRAY Screener to give you the edge to improve the safety, speed, and quality of your screening workforce while reducing cost to operate the checkpoint.

With KSI’s XRAY Screener, you can track every move your team makes, from the new or potential employee to the expert screener.

This means increased threat identification accuracy, improved throughput, and reduced costs.

KSI’s XRAY Screener is without peer in supporting you and your team from recruitment to retirement.



Kedlin Screening International (KSI) delivers the new gold standard in measuring screeners’ visual search capabilities.

The KSI solution helps your organization improve effectiveness and efficiency of screening operations with a tool that easily scales and adapts to security organizations of any size.

Using billions of trials and extensive data on human performance related to aviation search, KSI created XRAY Screener.

XRAY Screener means organizations can use a flexible and easily implemented tool to complement costly and time-intensive assessments (e.g., covert testing at checkpoints with real threats) to measure competency.

With KSI, assessing competency is cost-effective, easy to administer, and reliable.

KSI sets the new standard to measure performance, identify top and bottom performers, and deliver sophisticated analytics on individual competencies.

How we do it


Predict performance and scientifically select top performers with KSI solutions based on billions of trials and the largest research dataset ever created into human visual search and threat detection.


KSI looks to reveal means to develop visual search skills through KSI’s fun and active technology to improve accuracy and speed of visual searchers for better, faster and safer screening and threat detection competency.


Ensure faster, better, and more cost-effective measuring and analysis of core visual search competencies within your team to optimize your workforce and operational efficiencies.


The massive comparative dataset at the core of KSI solutions is a scientific, validated, and peer-reviewed resource into human visual search behavior that continues to advance and improve business operations.


Additional custom data collected at every login further enrich KSI’s dataset and insights into human visual search and threat detection behavior and inform new products.


KSI solutions are applicable across any professional search industry from airport security to government, police, and medical research to support personnel selection, training, performance management, workforce optimization and deliver real-time assessment and reporting.

KSI products are based on more than 3 billion trials of data, more than 100 million unique sessions, and more than 12 million people; making it the largest single collection of data available for research into human performance in visual screening and threat detection.



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