Our Story

Kedlin Screening International was formed in November 2016.

Kedlin Screening International was formed through the collaboration of principals Ben Sharpe, CEO of software development and mobile gaming company Kedlin Company, and cognitive psychologist Dr. Stephen Mitroff.

Kedlin Screening International is renowned for developing groundbreaking technology and products using data and trials based on Kedlin Company’s hugely successful mobile apps.

Kedlin flagship products include XRAY Screener, a scientifically proven tool for identifying and improving the safety, speed, and quality of the aviation screening workforce.

XRAY Screener was based on Kedlin’s app called Airport Scanner, a fast-paced game where players pretend they are baggage screening officers who must identify illegal items in luggage passing through an airport x-ray scanner. Airport Scanner was the most downloaded app on Apple iTunes app store for six weeks in 2012.

Dr. Mitroff, who ran a laboratory at Raleigh-Durham International Airport conducting studies on USA Transportation Security Administration (TSA) baggage screening officers, identified the opportunity to research the data from Airport Scanner to identify better training methods and workplace practices to improve search capabilities.

Between January 2013 and November 2014, the game provided anonymous data from more than 2 billion trials from over 7 million mobile devices that Dr. Mitroff and his research team at Duke University analyzed and used to publish peer-reviewed academic papers.

Dr. Mitroff has subsequently published multiple academic papers based on the massive Airport Scanner dataset (currently at more than 3.5 billion trials of data collected from over 14 million Airport Scanner users).

In 2015, TSA funded Kedlin and Dr. Mitroff to conduct further research that included factors that influence the accuracy of visual search, including the effects of distraction, the effects of time pressure and how performance is affected when a single bag contains multiple suspicious items, as well as how people become expert searchers.

Kedlin Screening International now produces XRAY Screener, specifically designed and scientifically proven to assist in identifying and improving the safety, speed, and quality of the aviation screening workforce.

Kedlin Screening International is currently making XRAY Screener available to airport security, government, police and private screening companies.

Aviation Security professional and former member of the Airports Council International World Security Committee, Greg Gately, had joined with Mr Sharpe and Dr. Mitroff to expand the use of the XRAY Screener globally to address the needs of screeners, management, and senior leadership.

XRAY Screener has been implemented in airports internationally to improve and measure the effectiveness of airport scanning.

The team


KSI Chief Executive Officer
Management and Technology Development

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of Washington
  • Founded Kedlin Co. in 2008
  • Products used by more than 35 million people globally
  • Airport Scanner hit #1 worldwide for downloads on Apple iTunes Store in 2012
  • Extensive experience leading a diverse, global team of software developers, engineers, designers, artists, finance, sales and marketing professionals.

KSI Chief Science Officer
Science and Research

  • Bachelor of Art from UC Berkeley
  • PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Harvard
  • Professor at The George Washington University
  • Expert on visual search, applied cognitive psychology, and human factors
  • More than 70 academic papers published
  • Led research on five TSA/DSHS-funded projects

KSI Lead Developer
Technology and Data Management Architect

  • Extensive experience in web and mobile technologies
  • Leads KSI technology development efforts

KSI Lead Designer
Design and User Interface

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
  • Extensive experience with mobile app art and design
  • Lead design efforts for Kedlin Co.’s highly popular apps Airport Scanner and Call Control

KSI Scientific Advisor
Data Collection and Analysis Efforts

At the core of KSI solutions is the largest research dataset in the world on human visual screening including data on visual search skills through Kedlin Co.’s Airport Scanner app from more than 12 million individual devices.



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