January 31, 2017   | Post by:   | in Case Studies, News

Principals of the Kedlin Screening International (KSI) team initially partnered with the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to research the effectiveness of XRAY Screener in measuring visual search performance at five US Airports.

The goal of the TSA project was to use XRAY Screener to complement the established suite of on-job performance metrics as an efficient and costeffective method of identifying top and bottom performers among the TSA’s visual screening workforce.


XRAY Screener was used to test more than 650 officers across five airports.


XRAY Screener performance was compared to four security-specific outcome measures – Threat Image Projection (TIP), an annual performance test, covert detection testing, and passenger throughput.

XRAY Screener significantly related to TSA’s search effectiveness (e.g. ability to detect real threat items placed in checkpoint luggage) and search efficiency (e.g. the speed of processing bags at the checkpoint).

The project was a success and led to an extension of the work.