Kedlin Screening International (KSI) delivers scientifically based solutions for search and security needs.

KSI delivers solutions based on scientific trials and data from millions of users that support our sophisticated understanding of human screening performance.

KSI’s flagship tool, XRAY Screener, is driven by the largest visual search research dataset in the world with peer-reviewed published science at its core.

  • XRAY Screener is tied to and advances decades of academic literature that addresses core competencies of visual search.
  • XRAY Screener mandates data collection at sign up with single-use predictive performance and collects data at every login to further enrich the dataset.
  • XRAY Screener improves effectiveness and efficiency of screening operations and easily scales to security organizations of any size.
  • XRAY Screener provides a means to assess the current workforce as well as potential new hires. This means it assesses individuals’ visual search skills and informs, in an accessible and simple format, how individuals perform relative to their peers.
  • XRAY Screener is intuitive so can be used immediately by someone who has never interacted with it before, and who may have limited experience with interactive apps.
  • XRAY Screener identifies individuals that have a high capability rating of visual search and therefore have an increased probability rating of successfully passing covert testing and other security compliance measures.


Kedlin Screening International (KSI) has changed the way the industry thinks about the recruitment for, and assessment of, visual search related personnel, and how organizations manage, report, and use data to optimize threat detection operations.

KSI utilizes the largest visual search research dataset available globally (currently more than 2.9 billion trials gathered from more than 11 million individuals).

KSI bases its technology on this state-of-the-art visual search dataset and on peer-reviewed published science. KSI always has an eye towards using the latest science to understand human factors related to capabilities and core competencies of visual search.

KSI’s XRAY Screener tool mandates data collection at sign up with single-use predictive performance and collects data at every login to further enrich the dataset.


Kedlin Screening International (KSI) is relevant beyond any single environment, technology, field, or image set—KSI strives to determine the core of what it means to be a good visual searcher.

KSI has moved the focus from behavior to visual search competency and is compatible with all technologies and image sets to continue to deliver insights and business improvement.

KSI accesses its rich data to deliver tools to advance visual search training, methods, and changes in the workplace to improve the competency of professional searchers from baggage screeners to government, police, and medical searchers.



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